These organizations I hold membership, volunteer with, or have built my platform around are always looking for more people to join their cause and are active year-around. So if you want something to do to make a difference once the election year is over, feel free to look these up!

Democratic Socialists of America

If you haven’t heard of these guys and gals yet, it’s time to crawl out of that cave you’re living in. As the fastest growing political group in this nation, they are committed to creating a government that provides equity to all, ends military buildup and the relationship between corporation and state, and promotes a more representational community in every corner of the nation. I am proud to be a member.

The Story Of Stuff Project

It all began with a 20 minute video on the internet in 2007, but the direct appeal to come up with new solutions and system reform to reduce waste and conserve resources resonated so greatly, it soon evolved into a global community of writers, activists, podcasters, programmers, and more. All dedicated to holding industries and government accountable for their own messes and adopting better practices and raising awareness. No project is too big or small for an individual to get involved in.

Act Now to Stop War and End Racism Coalition

Want to stop needless US military intervention? End financial support to oppressive US ‘allies’? Save whistleblowers and hold war criminals accountable? No one organizes in my area better than these folks, they even stood right at the gates to the white house to protest, and they’re always looking to expand their chapters into new areas to rebuild the anti-war and civil rights movement.

Public Banking Institute

If you’re not living in North Dakota, you’ll likely need to pay this site a visit at some point. This organization has biggest resources and research explaining why it only makes sense to put public funds into a public account for public use. They even keep you up-to-date on what current states are trying to fight for a public bank, so you can either join up or start a movement of your own.

Popular Resistance

Based in Baltimore and led by Maryland activists, independent journalists, and our state Green Party. Popular Resistance is a coalition of issue driven campaign organizations including Health Over Profit for Everyone, Protect Our Internet, Trade for People and Planet, and the local We Are Cove Point. With it’s own newsletter, podcast, and online training camp(sign up before May 1), it is the most active change driver in Maryland.

Strong Towns

Hate traffic? Need affordable housing? Got a zoning issue? Perhaps it’s time to try the Strong Towns approach to development. This organization seeks to combat the wastefulness of cites and counties that perpetuate development and economic growth myths and create sustainable communities by teaching communities how to plan their own neighborhood construction and bringing in advocates for direct action.

Represent Maryland

Once a branch of the Represent.US campaign, Represent Maryland has grown large enough to start it’s own anti-corruption movements at the state level. Their strategies include supporting small money candidate(of which I am one), automatic and election day registration, and ending gerrymandering in our congressional districts through defining them and setting up an independent redistricting commission.

Fair Vote

This organization based in our state’s Takoma Park is the heart of our nation’s fight for electoral reform for better representation. They are the brain trust behind the Fair Representation Act our state’s 8th congressman Jamie Raskin champions, and in addition to Ranked Choice Voting for all elections, want to establish a national popular vote to replace the electoral college, preregister voters coming of age, and use a top 4 open primary system in elections.

Maryland Green Party and Montgomery County Green Party

This wouldn’t be complete without adding my state and county Green parties to the list. The party’s values, the platform all candidates must found their campaign on, the organization leaders, current candidates and more are all provided here. If you’re interested in further connecting with the party, you’ll know who to contact here.